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Viktor & Rolf

Fashion Statements


The Kunsthalle München presents “Viktor & Rolf. Fashion Statements,” the first comprehensive exhibition of the Dutch design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren in Germany. For over thirty years, these visionaries have explored the boundaries between fashion and art, creating a universe where technical perfection and surrealism intertwine harmoniously. Curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot in collaboration with Maison Viktor & Rolf and L’Oréal Luxe, the exhibition brings together about a hundred of their boldest creations, accompanied by sketches, videos, and porcelain dolls dressed in the iconic outfits of the designers.


Their works have clothed pop icons such as Madonna and Lady Gaga and have featured in ballet and opera productions. A continuous reflection on fashion characterizes the work of Viktor & as a medium. Their approach, which blends the ephemeral memes of the digital world with the laborious art of haute couture, challenges traditional fashion paradigms. Their collections, often adorned with provocative slogans, present fashion as a cultural manifesto with resonance in both the digital and physical realms. The exhibition reflects this duality by highlighting both the artistic depth and cultural relevance of their works.


The exhibition places these works in a context that invites visitors to reflect on the role of fashion in contemporary culture and its transformative potential. It also includes photographs by artists such as Andreas Gursky and Ellen von Unwerth, demonstrating how fashion and photography can collaborate to shape cultural narratives.


The persistence of Viktor & Rolf's creative approach is evident not only in the longevity of their designs but also in the continuity of their impactful statements on contemporary design and visual production. This retrospective not only provides a deep understanding of Viktor & Rolf's legacy but also sheds light on their influence on the complex fabric of media and cultural production of our time.

Viktor & Rolf elevate their creations to the artistic plane as an act of aesthetic redefinition within fashion, traditionally reserved for the industry's elitist runways. They expand the definition of haute couture by projecting it not only onto the body but also into space, thereby enhancing its theatrical nature. The exhibition architecture of the Kunsthalle München is designed to immerse visitors in a universe where fashion transcends clothing to become a complete artistic and social statement.


The duo uses fashion as a platform for social commentary, addressing everything from criticism of consumerism and current feminist movements to reflections on beauty ideals. Their designs, often marked by radical breaks and unconventional silhouettes, challenge viewers to revisit their perceptions of aesthetics and functionality. The dresses, embedded with phrases that could be memes or protests, deconstruct classic pieces, play with the human form, and question the notion of the arbitrary.


Images taken at the "Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Statements" exhibition at the Kunsthalle München

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