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A Daniel Arsham's Archeological Present


Big luxury brands enhance their collections using creative imprints inspired by the world of fine arts.

Beyond any marketing strategies,  artists started to approach  new ways to communicate intricate concepts and processes in the fashion scene. 

A new era of collaboration opens the opportunity to nurture the brand's visual proposals with a new aura, season after season.

These interactions between fine arts and the luxury industry

allow certain garments to be elevated into true collector's pieces.


In these alliances, the eye and guardianship of the creative directors of each firm are of vital importance. Kim Johns is one of those presences in the current industry .

He is treated with a celebrity rank and is adored by both Millennials as well as the most sophisticated and the demanding Highsnobietys.


With his sense to generate and rescue seasonal icons he has decided to collaborate with artists such as Kaws and the Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama.


His last collaboration was performed in New York with Daniel Arsham.

Arsham, recognized for his "fictional archeology" has played with the brand's classic logo and generated a thirst that could be identified with a lunar scenery.


With more than a decade creating sculptures and installations, his aesthetic search refers to a future that has been fossilized.

Stones of volcanic appearance, embedded in monochrome structures have been put in communion with shirts, pants, jackets and a wide range of accessories and the Saddle Bag bags,

nowadays an iconic piece.


The result is an atmosphere full of minimalist and aseptic futurism that playing with pop and romanticism achieve to connect this with our original material , terrestrial world.  

Text by Andrés Alvarez

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