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Navigating Identity

and Subversion

on the Global Stage


When Victor Barragán launched his eponymous brand in the vibrant Mexico City in 2010, little could he have anticipated the global phenomenon it would become. His innate talent and unique vision soon established him as a dominant creative force, not just within the Mexican design community but beyond its borders as well.


Barragán's journey begins with creating experimental t-shirts for a close circle of friends, eventually becoming an emblematic figure at New York Fashion Week. His philosophy encapsulates a metamorphosis that spans more than just the growth of a brand; it reflects an ongoing dialogue between identity, culture, and art.


Barragán's ability to intertwine fluid sexuality with a sensual cyberpunk wardrobe, all while commenting on Mexican society, has consistently broken the boundaries of traditional Hispanic culture. However, it was his move to New York that marked a real turning point, expanding his audience and solidifying his influence on the North American scene. This strategic move culminated in a 2019 nomination for the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, formally recognizing the breadth of his creative impact.


Barragán's "Discreet Luxury" show, held in the innovative setting of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, distilled criticisms towards imperialism, the outsourcing of physical labor by accelerated trends in Europe and America, and the oversimplification of the narcotic narrative. This show not only demonstrated Barragán's conceptual cunning, influenced as much by his commitment to entertainment as by years of practice and refinement but also signaled an era of spiritual and creative maturity. He was paving the way for future narratives and explorations.

Barragán's Spring 2023 presentation at New York Fashion Week, however, was a bold declaration of his reflections on the whiteness of American culture, thrusting the audience into a critical view of America through his eyes. The show, a visual cacophony of empty plastic water bottles, soda cans, and dollar bills, not only captured the essence of his characteristic humor but also underscored the depth of his cultural perspective, enriched by his seven years living in the United States. Barragán challenges the audience to confront the often-ignored realities of American society, all while maintaining a spirit of fun and exploration.

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