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Sasa Kovacevic



Saša´s work, as innovative as radical lead approaches the very limits of gender, ethnicity and individuality. But let's "Sadak the barbarian"   speaks for himself: 


Saša I understand you started with fine arts at the very beginning. How did you realize that fashion design was actually what you wanted to do?


Well, I am definitely a practical person and I wanted quicker results at my work. So design followed that line closer than fine arts. I listened to my path and to my personal needs.  And I love what that became to me. It was the right choice. 

Was it difficult to find the concept of Sadak?


Sadak’ is a piece of Balkan clothing that I recreated in a specific way to describe my culture. It wasn´t really difficult as it relates directly and consequently to my own background. 


Is there a future for Berlin on the international fashion platform?

There is always certainly potential here but somehow either there is never enough funding to push something extraordinary or there just isn’t enough interest. That’s why many designers leave Berlin for somewhere else like London or Paris. So the right talent to build something great is simply not there yet, unfortunately. 

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-23 um

©SADAK. Photo by © D. Bolliger

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-23 um


Are   there   any   designers   that   inspire   you?


I have lots of designers that I look to. Not because I want to replicate anything but because of the amount of creativity out there. It´s inspiring. And It is good to keep your eyes open. I usually don't go to exhibitions but for example a couple of years ago at a Jean Paul Gaultier´s exhibition, which had over 40 years of work, I was blown away. I really had no expectations but when I saw the work it really touched me a lot. I also like a few Japanese designers; Rei Kawakubo and Yamamoto for example. 

What do you look for in the models you’ve chosen for a project?


I wanted a personal approach. So my first models were my best friends or someone I met at that time. As I know exactly the type of a person I need when I see a design, I often think, ‘Oh yes,  he can wear this or that’.

What is most sacred for you?


Interesting question. I think that will be my work. The devotion to it. Researching, understanding. It gives a meaning of who I am. The consciousness of what I'm really doing. That’s very sacred to me. First that, then everything else.

The use of cultural elements, like Burkas, how did you end up using them?


As I mentioned earlier, my cultural background is very mixed, so there is a strong ethnic diversity there. In balkan countries you find many religions living together from fully covered muslims to Christians and also interesting mountain folks with specific traditions and meaning for everything including clothing. I always try to refer to those very different parts of the Balkan people. In the 1950s, Yugoslavia was trying to „uncover“ the woman. They tried to, but it survived. Also headdresses fascinate me. This items are more than what we can see. They are history. Survival. 

What is the most important thing for you?


The work!

I don´t like being lazy. I need to create. But I also enjoy breaks in between my projects. Post-post-production can be very stressful.


 ©extravaganzza. Foto M. Zampitelli

Foto by M. Zampitelli.© Extravaganzza

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-23 um


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