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Ego Producciones and LKB/G

Paz y amor, 2018

Oil on canvas, 130 × 140 cm

"Paz y amor" is the first online exclusive show in which Ego Producciones and LKB/G collaborate to support the funding of the production of the animated film: "The Zebra Centaur". The story narrates a fantastic and epic journey through different phases of The Human Condition.

Miguel Alejandro Machado

Quien rie ultimo, 2018

But it is also a project of life, which claims in the process the need to dilute the feeling of the ego, to be able to share and create something that makes sense to all who are living this creative experience. Miguel Machado (director of the animated film) curated this show and the paintings responds to the fact that he needs to show the existential conflicts he experiences as a creator, his mental battles with the referents, the willpower that must be dedicated to a sense, his incomprehension of the void, the fight, to survive, the illusion of achieving a route that is already beginning. And the acceptance of coexisting with the conflicts that inhabit our imagination if we want to be at “peace and love".

Miguel Alejandro Machado

Te veo a las 4:20 despues de la clase, 2018

This project started to take form in January 2017 in Havana, Cuba. The initial idea emerged at one of Miguel Alejandro Machado's art shows entitled “los Unos & los Autómatas”. The paintings exhibited in this show gave the spectator the impression of being in the midst of a battlefield where two armies armed with different fighting tactics were about to face off. The Autómatas Army is an army of zebra centaurs, led by “The Zebra Centaur”, the creature that inspired the ego and title of the film. Following this art show, the discussions between Miguel and some of his friends led to the idea of animating this story. Among them, the playwright Rogelio Orizondo offered to write a screenplay. This animation would not only tell the story of the battle, but would also recount what happens afterwards, when there is only one survivor. Rogelio suggested to take inspiration from the life of the 19th century Cuban poet and painter Juana Borrero, who died as a teenager of a serious illness when she was only 19 years old. Her paintings and poetic universe, along with her letters, inspired the team to enter in dialogue with her spiritually and existentially. They thus discovered more than a century later that their creative and emotional similarities have led them to conclude that even their ego emerges from the need to love and be loved.

Miguel Alejandro Machado

Mierda, 2018

They have decided that in order to effectively express this emotion throughout the film, the illustration must be done with oil paint and created by an artist (Miguel Alejandro Machado Suarez). The music will give essence to the film, in light of the fact that there will be no dialogue between the characters.


They have created an own independent production house named “EGO”, where collaboration and exchange has enabled us to dene and implement production strategies for “The Zebra Centaur”. “EGO” is made up of the six people who have been part of the project since the beginning.LKB/G is the first collaborator in this project.


Thanks to his work with Miguel Alejandro Machado as an artist for more than a year, Lars Bode, director of the gallery, has been interested in supporting and being part of the production of "The Zebra Centaur". Significant parts of the sales of the shown artworks will go directly into financing the next steps for the project

Enjoy a more detailed insight into the project through the "Making-of trailer" which can be accessed by using this link:

Miguel Alejandro Machado

Vida, 2018

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