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and the balance

of the forces

Monty Kaplan

Beyond the technical resources that Kaplan can use in the realization of his works (which in itself already make his work something very special), Monty achieves a balance, a sense of equilibrium. A condensation of emotions confronted on a level of urban reality.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-05 um

His capacity of abstractionism manages to elevate the captured object to a space where the artist fuses with the object in a strange and pleasant synergy, creating this particular "seal", a "Kaplan style" - to name it in some way.

Despite his training as Film-maker Monty achieves to pass cinematic effects, giving his visual level a huge spectrum full of depth and conceptual richness.

Monty Kaplan

The texture in his works is combined with an exact tonality which, in a balance of forces, allows an interiorization of feeling -or feelings-. The melancholic character is allowed to be dominated by a positive and discovering force, a fire that does not burn, but contemplates and welcomes and understands. An energy that makes us present in his works. That makes us part of them. A liberating balance of the forces that could suffocate.

Monty Kaplan

Monty has, as you would expect in photography, different facets. It unfolds in urban landscapes of exquisite architectural details with a minimalist touch, where socio-demographic aspects can also be summarized, as in works made in Buenos Aires, Berlin and New York to mention a few examples. A dynamic and passionately Author which is consequent to his environment and his creative process. Monty Kaplan, enigmatic and charming, has become a -must see- in today's international photographic scene.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-05 um
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Text by Paul F. Vela
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