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Alex is the winner of the Frieze Artist Award and a past artist in residence (2015 / 2016) at the Delfina Foundation. A creator of performance art, he lives and works between Warsaw and London. He is the founder of feminist and queer artistic collectives such as the Space Kew in his city. Baczynski`s performances are characterized by connections with the theatrics of staging that includes long periods of spontaneous interaction between participants. These demonstrate a link with objects or elements of nature that enrich his visual aesthetics. Until a Thousand Roses Bloom, a performance created by Alex and exhibited at the Fokal Gallery Foundation in Warsaw, is an artwork not easily forgotten.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-08 um
Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-08 um

Eliza Douglas

We used to see Douglas at the center of Anne Imhof performances, on Balenziaga catwalks and even on the covers of art magazines such as Texte zur Kunst. But we had never imagined that she would go from being an object of desire to being the creative entity that we would have intuited behind her vintage glasses.


Douglas attended a series of studies in her native New York and after a period of searching began formally studying at the Städelschule in Frankfurt in 2015. During this time she met her partner Imhof (who was awarded with the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale Anne) and in 2016 she exhibited for the first time at Städelschule's Rundgang; an exhibition organized by students. Her works attracted the attention of collectors and was signed by the Air Gallery in Paris.


With an ironic and even poetic tone, her pieces connect abstract forms with figurative, conceptual and pop art and establishes a dialogue on the appreciation of painting in the 21st century. Her first personal exhibition was inaugurated in May of this year at the Jewish Museum NYC and will be there until October.



Christina Quarles’ works recreate figures that are in a constant state of transition where hybrid bodies are undone and limited by the edges of the painting. Her latest exhibition is currently taking place at the Berkeley Art Museum and is preceded by the success of her exhibition Baby, I Want Yew To Know All Tha Folks I Am at the David Castillo Gallery. Her prior exhibition also opened the doors of Art Basel Miami Beach and gave her the possibility to work together with Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch.


Her paintings express the conflict of having African-American descent despite feeling not completely identified as being one. This, she finds, discourages her in the process of self-identification. Further to this, her artistic practice abounds in the dynamics of marginalization and the empowerment of individuals in contemporary society. The artist works and lives in Los Angeles with her wife.

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Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-08 um




The youngest son of a fractured family, Nathaniel managed to get an artistic education and completed studies at Wabash College and New York University. He reconciles his artwork with his troubled past and upbringing having grown up in abject poverty in the ghettos of southside Chicago. His pieces appear to be collages of faces that overlap with each other or have been torn apart violently. His most recent Soundtrack exhibition at M + B Gallery at Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the most personal shows to consider seeing this year.



Liu Shiyuan lives and works between Beijing and Copenhagen. Her works externalize the communicated and incommunicated complex processes of cultural assimilation and hybridization in the field of identity. It makes use of fragments of reference to reality as well as materials extracted from the internet and remarks on mass culture from a satirical and vernacular tone. In her personal exhibition Isolated Above, connect down at Bonakdar Gallery in New York City, she demonstrated her ability to discuss different media which placed her next to renown artists such as Sarah Sze and Olafur Eliasson.

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