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"Past, present and future: much of what happens in Berlin has an impact on the world. And much of what happens in the world affects Berlin". The city of Berlin has been the scene of pivotal moments in modern history and could be defined as a high points in Western politics and culture. But Berlin has also been influenced by  events from other geographies that have altered its life as a metropolis. 


In order to discuss this principle, the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition will open on July 20, 2021 in the area occupied by the Humboldt Forum. 

According to its organizers, the 4,000 square meters of space at the Stadtmuseum Berlin and the Kulturprojekte Berlin will explore the complex network of relationships between Berlin and the world. 


From immersive installations and atmospheric presentations to workshops and interactive projects, they bring visitors into contact with the many facets of Berlin.Starting with current issues, developments and challenges, the Berlin exhibition examines selected themes to show the city as part of what has long been an interconnected world.


The exhibition does not follow a chronological approach; its seven main rooms focus on revolution, free space, borders, entertainment, war, fashion and interconnectedness. Some cross-cutting themes such as colonialism or the Nazi period appear in several rooms.

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During the production work prior to the opening of the Berlin Exhibition, three exhibitions were shown to the public. In them, the numerous themes and innovative presentations can be seen. The 360-degree artwork entitled "Thinking the World" welcomes visitors in the first hall of the exhibition. Covering an area of 375 square meters, this mural by New York urban artists How and Nosm illustrates the leitmotif of the exhibition. The artists depict different images of the globe with historical references, as well as their own vision of an interconnected world. 


A vault door separates the rooms "Free Space" and "Limits". What once protected the safe deposit boxes in the basement of the Wertheim department store became the door to the legendary nightclub "Tresor" after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This exhibition tells very different stories about Berlin. It represents the persecution and annihilation of Jewish citizens under the Nazi regime, but also symbolizes the free spaces and limits of club culture today

Philip Kojo Metz's art action and sculpture SORRYFORNOTHING in the "War" room is the Berlin Exhibition's first contribution to the examination of German colonial history. The artist uses his work to mark the empty space in the public consciousness of the colonial wars and their victims. 


The history of the site, which visitors encounter along the Humboldt Forum, is also an integral part of the Berlin Exhibition. Themed rooms highlight the history of the site wherever it is relevant to the exhibits. The Humboldt Forum is located on the site of what was once the Berlin Palace and later the Palace of the Republic, the backdrop for revolutions and the source of borders and wars. But, as semi-public places, they also attracted large numbers of visitors from all over the world, offered and defined free spaces and, not least, provided various types of entertainment. 

BERLIN GLOBAL, Raum Revolution И Clemens Porikys I Kulturprojekte Berlin und Stadtmuseum B

The production of used clothing in these historical contexts will also be part of the exhibition. In the "Fashion" room, parts of the uniforms worn by Emperor Wilhelm II and the service staff of the Palace of the Republic are on display, while visitors are encouraged to trace how social changes are manifested in dress codes, how business relationships evolved, and who or who played important roles here.

BERLIN GLOBAL, Raum VergnЃgen, Diskokugel ё Clemens Porikys I Kulturprojekte Berlin und St

Views of the exhibition halls at Berlin Global.


BERLIN GLOBAL, Raum Krieg И Clemens Porikys I Kulturprojekte Berlin und Stadtmuseum Berlin

This entire exhibition and content network is the result of discussions and workshops with Berliners from all walks of life, as well as the opinions of initiatives, associations and institutions; but also the collaboration of experts, museums and interest groups to the active participation of artists, photographers, urban artists and community associations.



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