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I have always had a problem with ecological fashion or specifically, with certain pieces manufactured under these standards. Generally, they were not aesthetically attractive in terms of design, and in a certain way I started getting used to the idea that all sustainable fashion paid great attention to manufacturing regulations, encouraged business models that took care of the working conditions of their employees and protected the environment, by making use of fabrics, colorants and natural fibers in harmony with a healthy lifestyle. However, in the end they just failed in their design proposal.


My visit to the Greenstyle Muc -the first public festival for green style- made me rethink this vision and helped me understand that there are many other components that play a role in the eco-fashion-or sustainable industry. With just a little bit of creativity this “design conflict” was resolved. 

The Greenstyle Muc is an initiative of Mirjam Smend (Blogger and sustainable fashion activist) and took place in mid-October at Haus der Kunst in the center of Munich. With this event, the city takes part in the movement of the fashion industry to generate healthy production and marketing practices for our environment, consumers and the industry itself.

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Green Style Muc

sustainable fashion in Munich

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The festival not only brought together 35 brands and producers under one roof but also offered a rich program of conferences and panels, with a fashion show, where students of the Akademie Mode & Design, Munich (ADM) and exhibitors were represented, wrapped up by the ceremony of GMUC Award 2018.


Among the brands presented, the creators of accessories such as AAkS, Producers from Denis (from organic cotton) as Dawn and Goodsociety, the marketers of luxury products Raven Colective conceived in a sustainable way and green beauty producers Greenglam and Upcycling- Jacken stood out.

The highlighted topics discussed focused on new ways of understanding the insertion of a way of a ecologically committed production and consumption, #WhoMadeMyClothes, for example, presented by Hanna Sin Gebauer of “Fashion Revolution Deutschland”; that addressed the topic of the campaign’s goal and results obtained so far, Fair and succeed - how work a successful Business Model presented by (ADM) fashion professor Marcus Mattes, who gave examples of various business models based on new materials, recycling and social responsibility, among others. 

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Another presentation that gave a forward look to the future of fashion industry and sustainable fashion was given by Juliane Kahl, director of the Studentenakademie “Die Umwelt Akademie” under the topic Fashion Futures, Sustainability und Digitalisierung.

The event culminated with the award of the Innovation prize to Livalike from Munich , the Newcomer prize to Tassel Tales  from Austria and the Social Innovation prize to Raw from Cologne/Saigon.


The next GreenStyle Muc will take place from 05 to 07 April 2019. 

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