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the ancestral thread


Allpamamas is like a poetic force within the current fashion world and emerges irreversibly at an overwhelming pace. In July / 2019, at the Berlin Fashion Week, they presented us with a very original, complete and innovative design concept. EM had the pleasant opportunity to get meet Vanessa Alarcón, who together with María Puente Silva, have displayed an aesthetic and essence that were already necessary, especially in the sustainable fashion scene.

Their line of work transports us back to the most natural. To the most important; to the origins; but simultaneously to new conceptual edges, being conscious of an historical legacy, a legacy that remains pitifully marginalized and rejected.

The team work of designers and artisans developed an authentic environment that maintains direct contact with the worldview of the Andean Region of Ecuador, by rescuing traditions that are on the verge of extinction. Rescuing ancestral values and ways of living.

Every detail is actively explored and cautiously selected, from fibers to the natural color extraction. The selection of labor within the community and social impact within the productive framework. Likewise, the selection of the design elements in the garments are based on a contextual meaning that goes beyond an aesthetic sense. Allpamamas thus achieves one of the most difficult challenges in any artistic discipline, there is a balance in which the creation of each piece is not separated from its history, and its process.


As something that has been there, even before Allpamamas birth. A transcendence that meets the expectations and challenges of modernity with depth and ease.

Photography/ Redaction: Paul Glavinski

Model: Lara Lemac

Translation: Lionel Cruet


Vanessa Alarcón & María Puente Silva


Special thanks to: Trippen shoes

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